Great Art from young people - Berlin establishes the Berlin Youth Ballet

Senator for education Sandra Scheeres established on the 31th of March 2017 the Berlin Youth Ballet at the Berlin State Ballet School.

The goal is to raise stage experience by means of a greater number of and a more varied selection of performance formats for prospective stage dancers during their training. From an organizational perspective, the Berlin Youth Ballet will complete the training structure of the school as a fourth pillar, alongside the fields of artistic expression, stage dance, and the basic core curriculum.

According to Senator Sandra Scheeres: “Stage experience is decisive for successful entry into the profession of stage dance. The Berlin Youth Ballet will create opportunity for performance experience and at the same time open up free ensembles and dance schools. The dancers will present their ability at the highest level nationwide and internationally and thus stand as representatives of the creative metropolis of Berlin”.

From Press release, 31th of march 2017
Editor: Beate Stoffers

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