Vivien Lu Schulz and Gregor Glocke, students of our school, held an interview with Margarethe Rust and Barbara Matthias of the board of our friends association.

Photo: Eileen Meyer

Dear Mrs. Rust and Mrs. Matthias: Who actually came up with the idea of establishing the friends association and when? What was the original intent?

The friends association was established in May of 1991 by an initiative of the schooladministration at that time. At that point, the future of the school was much in question. The goal of the club was to fight for the continued existence of the school. At the end of1992, when the schoolʼs future had been assured, the club set the goal first andforemost of promoting gifted, socially weaker students, which is the case to this day. By the way, our own Mrs. Matthias was also a member of the founding group.

Since the friends association has been in existence, you have made so much possible - from pointe shoes to books and CDs, trips, regular monthly expenditures forpurchase of training wear and much, much more that canʼt all be mentioned. What do you most like to remember as booster?

Youʼre right, weʼve sponsored many students, campaigns and purchases. It is wonderfulto see how little and big dancers develop. Outstanding events again and again are the gala happenings, where the result of hard work is presented. At such high points, youfeel especially validated as booster. We would like to mention that for the first time, through financial support of the friends association as sponsor, a student was accepted into "Advancement through the Germany Scholarship for gifted and accomplished students".

And what was to date your most extensive campaign for us?

Our most extensive campaign to date time-wise was the occasion of opening the newbuilding 2 ½ years ago during festival week. The friends association was present for everyday of the campaign. Various students were supported financially over several years, the school brochures were paid for, and various technical devices purchased. From thefinancial point of view, the greatest event was the installation of lighting in the theaterhall. The booster club was authorized a great sum for this upon request through the German Lottery Foundation.

Who are the people in our club and what actually motivates them?

Our members are enthusiastic followers of classical as well as contemporary ballet. They are closely connected to the school and it is a special concern for them to promoteperpetuation with their contributions and donations. There are parents and grandparents for whom it is natural to be a member of the friends association. A small number of them remain members after their children have gotten their training.

Who else would you like as a member of the club?

It would be nice if more people from the sphere of school and student parents would join the club. Unfortunately there are only a few graduates who join after their training. Here we would like to think that it would be a matter of course for all graduates to become a member, and thus to demonstrate continued connection with the school and to support themselves.

Thank you very kindly for the talk. We wish our club many more involved members!

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