School model

Professional, artistic training, led by an international team of highly competent and experienced instructors, is tied to education in the basic academic content areas with the possibility of attaining a leaving certificate (Abitur). As such, this school is unique in the Federal Republic of Germany in its structure.  It grants the recognized professional designation “State approved stage dancer” at the end of a nine year training program.

In the last three years of training, students are at the same time studying at the Ernst Busch College for Dramatic Art, and conclude their education with the academic diploma, “Bachelor of Arts”.

Students from many parts of the world begin education in the basic academic content areas in grades 5 and 6, which are part of elementary school.

In the subsequent integrated secondary school from grade 7 to 10, they can acquire the professional training certificate (Berufsbildungsreife) in the 9th grade as well as the extended professional training certificate (Erweiterte Berufsbildungsreife) and middle school graduation in 10th grade.

Afterwards it is possible to get a general qualifying certificate (allgemeine Hochschulreife) by attending the three year high school / sixth form (Oberstufe) with a leaving certificate (Abitur); or after 12th grade to get the vocational qualifying certificate (Fachhochschulreife); or to attend the three year professional vocational school (Berufsfachschule).

Dates and deadlines

Important dates at a glance

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