Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of instruction at the State Ballet School of Berlin?
Lessons are free of charge.

What kind of catering or menu is being offered?
The company >>>Vielfaltmenü GmbH offers healthy full board at reasonable terms.

All meals must be pre-ordered. An account is required for this. This can be set up on the page linked above.
The codes needed for this process will be handed out to every student on request.

Frequently asked questions will be answered >>>here.

Current prices:

Breakfast €5,55
Lunch and dinner 6,86 each.

Is instruction entitled to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG)?

Students from Germany and in some cases from abroad may apply for financial support under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG). High school application (Schüler- BAFöG) may be made already in 10th grade. Those studying stage dance may also decide to apply instead for the college application (Studenten-BAFöG).

Is it possible to participate in instruction without being a student or in school?

For dancers no longer required to attend school, there is the possibility of continued ballet study (without school lessons). Tuition amounts to €960 per semester (stage dance seminar).

How much does it cost to live at the boarding school?

Costs for room at the boarding school come to €260 per month. Beginning with school year 2010 / 11, for all students working on the Bachelor program that need housing, the Berlin Student Union (Studierendenwerk Berlin) and the nearby Housing Association GEWOBAG are available.

Is the leaving certificate (Abitur) fully valid?

Yes. Upon successful completion of vocational high school (das berufliche Gymnasium), the general qualifying certificate (allgemeine Hochschulreife / Abitur) is granted, which entitles students acceptance to any study program.

Is is possible to take the Bachelor Program for stage dance without a leaving certificate (Abitur)?

Yes. The first requirements for qualification are special artistic aptitude and completed high school education. For non-German applicants there is also proficient knowledge of German language.

Can I undertake university study at a later point with the Bachelor Degree?

Yes. The Bachelor degree entitles you not only to entrance to a Masters Program, it is also valid as a first academic degree for general admission to university study, similar to a leaving certificate (Abitur).


Registration for Bachelor Proram stage dance?
Please use the online registration for academic year
>>> online-registration.
Registration for 2021/22 in space of time
from November 15, 2020 to January 15, 2021.

Can I also begin training later as a newcomer?
Yes. In order for that to happen, in addition to specific artistic aptitude, the appropriate background for entry level would also be tested.

After training, can I actually work as a dancer?

Yes. Whoever successfully completes training has a very real chance of being involved as a dancer in theater. Our graduates almost always find dance work upon completion of training.

Can I return to my old school again at any time if I decide during training that I need to leave the program due to lack of interest or for any other reason?

Yes, that would be possible. In such a case, anyone would have the support of the school staff as needed.

Will I also have appearances on stage while I am in training?

Of course stage experience is part of the training program of our school. This practical experience is gained by school appearances at home and abroad, through collaboration in productions of ballet ensembles such as the State Ballet of Berlin and through internships.

Do I have to leave the school if I don't get my leaving certificate (Abitur)?

No. In that case, the theoretical part of your professional training can be completed in our professional vocational school (Berufsfachschule). With the Bachelor of Arts degree, you can also later attend university.



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