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Registration forms / application forms

Registration form for aptitude test in stage dance
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Conditions for the application (ballet/stage dance)
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Registration form for childrenʼs dance classes
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Forms/rules/downloads for pupils

Request for exemption from class (max. 3 days)
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Request for exemption from class (> 3 days, before vacation time)  
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Rules for sickness notifications, absence times (update: 05/06/2019)
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Calendar / vacation schedule

Vacation for school year 2021/22 >>> PDF


House rules from 21/02/2019
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Information for our cafeteria service BREHA GmbH
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Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art, Berlin
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Dates and deadlines

Important dates at a glance

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Education counseling

Tel. +49 (30) 405 779 - 70
e-mail: e.meyer(at)