Childrenʼs dance classes

In preparation for entry to our school, there are children's dance classes, in which girls and boys of first to fourth grade of elementary school receive children's dance instruction once or twice a week in the afternoon.

Trained children's dance instructors and accompaniment (piano) go with the instruction.

Content of the children's dance instruction is development of body awareness and sense of space, musical-rhythmic feeling of the child as well as the promotion of his / her creative expression in movement. The children's dance classes perform regularly, among other venues, at open house (Tag der offenen Tür), the choreographer's workshop, and at the annual end of the year show.

Children at the conclusion of children's dance class IV who are interested in admittance to the State Ballet School of Berlin, must take an aptitude test (see Dates and Deadlines), and upon passing this test take the entrance examination (usually in May). The aptitude test as well as the entrance examination are conducted by dance instructors of the State Ballet School of Berlin.


Beginning with the contract for school year 2015 - 1016, a fee of € 11,00 per 60 minute instruction class will be charged. (In the event that more than one child from a family attends the preparatory class for stage dance, the fee is reduced for the second and every additional child to € 8,30 per hour.)

There is no instruction during vacation.

Practice clothes

Standard training clothes are desirable. For rehearsal, tight fitting gym clothes, short white socks and light tennis shoes are advisable.

Class schedule

The class schedule of the children's dance classes 2017/18:

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(last update January 31, 2018)


Infolyer Children's dance classes

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Registration form

Please use that form to enroll your child after the passed trial lesson.

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