Professional training for stage dancing

Professional training for stage dancing

Professional instruction as stage dancer comprises nine years of training and begins in the 5th school year. Later admittance to training is always possible if there is corresponding artistic aptitude and some dancing background. A professional degree entitles and facilitates practice of the profession of stage dancer.
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For acceptance to professional instruction, it is necessary to pass an aptitude test and an entrance exam in the fourth school year. Prerequisite for passage into the professional vocational school (Berufsfachschule) or vocational high school (Berufliches Gymnasium) as well for acceptance to the Bachelor program is passing an entrance exam. For admittance requirements of the program, see: >>> Program.


Professional training concludes with the title “State approved stage dancer”. Those who attend our vocational high school on site, based upon a high school recommendation, attain simultaneously a general qualifying certificate (allgemeine Hochschulreife / Abitur). Those who attend the vocational high school through the 12th year and then go on to complete instruction in our professional vocational school, attain a general vocational qualifying certificate (allgemeine Fachhochschulreife). All successful graduates receive, in cooperation with the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art, the academic degree “Bachelor of Arts”.


Education is free of cost. It is just a question of planning for school clothes, accident and liability insurance, and daily meals.  You can find information regarding this on the link >>> Education counseling or >>> FAQs

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